Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She's Fiery, Fiesty and Short

A lot of the women that I have the pleasure of being inspired by and conversing with make boutique hair accessories and clothing. Mandie or  Spitfireshortie has a style and design all of her own.  She is self professed to be highly opinionated and a little ball of fire!  Her outspoken and feisty ways are highly evident in her extremely unique, handmade resin jewelry.  Her items include sparkle filled pendants, earrings, bracelets sure to express what is on your mind.  My favorite piece in her collection is her spoon pendants.  They are dainty, girlie and absolutely adorable!!  I love the niche that Mandie has created for herself.  You have to go check her out!

It was really intriguing to me how she got started making jewelry, see for yourself:

#1: I started making jewelry because I have a severe nickel allergy and it was hard to find "inexpensive" jewelry that I liked , so I just started making my own. The beading moved on to resin that I would make my own one of a kind pendants from for use in my jewelry...now I can't stop! LOL.

#2: My favorite thing to make is definately my resin pendants...its such a wide variety of things that you can do to it and with it...I love making something I know I can never make EXACTLY the same the second, third time.

#3: My inspiration is my family. The funny things that come out of my kid's mouths, my family member's styles and my incredible love of anything sparkly. =o)

Be sure to check out her shop at www.etsy.com/shop/spitfireshortie or follow her blog and tell her that I sent you!

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