Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Bad Diva and One Dainty Diva

Well, I was a bad girl yesterday!  After an awesomely crazy day yesterday, I worked myself into oblivion tracking packages, calling suppliers, emailing clients, doing some graphic design.  I finally laid down at about one and passed smooth out.  When I awoke this morning the first thing that pops into my head ....

#%$!  I DIDN'T DO EITHER ONE OF THE BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, there is no excuse.  I really must go back to my endless sticky notes (physical and digital) and tons of lists!  I must say, it was an exceptionally inspiring day!  I had really been lacking total motivation to do anything except for digital design.  Looking for a specific type of craft supplier, I stumbled upon a craft mall that wants my stuff in it!!  HOLY COW!!  It really was the kick in the pants I needed.  With the supplier set backs and a few other time mismanagement issues I was running way behind in pretty much every aspect of life professional and personal and I am proud to announce that I am totally, 100% caught up (please, hold your applause), because that only applies to business matters.  Hopefully this weekend, I will tackle all of those nasty chores I have become so fabulous at putting off!!


Speaking of inspiring, tonight, I want to introduce you to the spectacular Marla, owner of Dainty Diva Bows!  She has many venues for you to shop her stunning creations: a full service web site, an Etsy store and even a Facebook Fan Page!  Talk about selection!  This lady literally has everything from bottle caps to bows and hats to headbands.  Incredibly enough it doesn't stop there!  You will find huge variety within every category sure to be the perfect addition to any outfit you can imagine.  Her tag line says it all, "Everything a Diva needs to accessorize her world!"

Here is what Marla had to say about her creations and their origin:

1. Why did you start crafting/making bows?

I started crafting when my daughter was four. It was a difficult time in my life personally as I was going through a divorce and I wanted to find something to fill my time in the evenings after she had gone to bed and then while she was away on weekends. Additionally, financially things became tight, so I realized now that she had hair, I couldn't afford to buy all the cutesy stuff I had wanted to. So, I decided to take advantage of the challenges presented to me and teach myself how to make hair accessories myself. It grew from there as other mom friends found out I was making her bows and soon, they started putting in requests and orders. At that point, Dainty Diva Bows was born :-)

2. What is your favorite thing to make?
Right now, my favorite thing to make are stacked boutique hair bows. It was my goal for 2011 to learn how to make this style of hair bow and I love seeing all the pieces come together!

3. What inspires you?
My inspiration is my daughter Emmy and her friends. I get so excited when I see them all wearing my creations and it inspires me to keep going and create more. I love when her friends are over and they want to "shop" in my studio and help me create. They get tickled pink when they get a bag of ribbon and supplies and they can create on their own along side me.

Eventually, Marla hopes be able to make this "hobby" a full time enterprise and maybe even open a brick and mortar store front.  She really loves what she does she says.  In my opinion, that is evident in her gorgeous creations.  

All of the of the pictures are hyper linked back to her site!  CLICK on them and tell her I sent you.  PS - she is having a SALE!! 

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