Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, Monday ... So good to me!

The past few weeks have been trying at best, but for some strange reason I woke up with a sense of motivation and urgency this morning!  I am by far not complaining.  I have actually used it to my advantage and hope with all that I am that it continues.  I spent the morning separating this blog from the other one.  There is so much going on and so much to do and say that it felt cluttered.  So here it is. :)

I am going to start highlighting specific shops along with my random treasuries.  There is a wonderful group of gals that we will call HGs (can't give away all of the secrets, now can we?)!  They are everything awesome about hair accessories and crafts in general!  I will ask them all a static set of 3 questions and display their answers, to give you some incite into the mind of a crafter, along with some information about the things that they create.

The first lady that I would like to highlight is Melissa the owner of Sew Proverbs 31.

It is refreshing in this day and age to see someone who displays strong personal and business ethics and convictions.  Sew Proverbs 31 has a wide display of beautiful fashion accessories for your little one, girl or boy, such as her baby leggings and the little man neckties.  The site is easy to navigate and beautifully designed!   This is one shop that you want to keep your eye one for new creations for your little angel.

And now for the interview portion of our adventure. Here are the questions I presented to Melissa and her responses:

1. Why did you start crafting/making bows? 

I've been crafting since childhood with my mother (sewing, cross-stitching, hand crafts) and it evolved as I matured into methods and processes I was more interested in such as sewing clothing, hair accessories, the digital world of computer web design.

2. What is your favorite thing to make? 

I love to make rolled rose headbands and to sew various projects such as childrens clothing. My newest 'obsession' is web design and have been focusing a bit more on that lately. Basically I have a condition that causes me to want to try any and all craft projects...I see them as a challenge I want to try to overcome and then I get bored and move on *laughs*

3. What inspires you? 

I gather inspiration from everywhere. I often see something and love it but want to change an aspect of it to meet my personal taste/preferences. My children are also my muses. They provide me with an endless source of ideas of new things to create. Although I have been known to find a random colored trim or fabric and then get obsessed with figuring out the perfect way to use it...

You can also check her out on Facebook at  Please go check her out and tell her that Maredith sent you !!

Thank you, Melissa, for allowing me to look over your creations.  It was truly a joy!

Here are some other amazing creations from the very talented HGs.

1. Crochet Cotton Beanie Hat  by Lorraine Clair
2. Giant Elegant Flower Peony by Glitz N Gigglez
3. Gorgeous Blue Chiffon Singed Flower Clip by Karen Act
4. Oh So Sherbert Felt Flower Headband by Hugabug Designs
5. St. Patty's Kanzashi Bloom Hair Clip by Ari Blooms
6. Boutique Baby Pink Rose Hair Clip by Bibbidi Bobbidi
7. Vintage Inspired Flowers by Sparkle Bowtique
8. Trendy Fabric Flower in Gray by My Little Nuggets
9. Extra Large Peony Flower Clip by Jewelias Closet
10. Flower Bows and Hair Flower Clippie Instructions by Tiaras N Bows
11. Michael Miller Laughing Leaf Yellow Fabric by Blinky
12. Black and White Striped Ribbon Rose Hair Clip by Funky Kinda Girl
13. Double Layer Crochet Flower Hair Clippie by Tutti Cuti Bows
14. Premium Double Daphne Headband by The Dilly Daisy 
15. Turquoise Fabric Rose Trio by Love Mom Boutique
16. Kansashi Barrette by Misty Meadow W

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