Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello faithful friends.

Yes, I know from the blog aspect, I have been MIA for a while, but hey life gets in the way sometimes.  I was really feeling the pressure and there are somethings that I am not going to neglect - my family, my faith or my clients. So, now that I have found a stable stepping stone for now it is time to jump back into things.

Before I get started (which will actually be next post) I wanted to touch on a subject that is close to my heart and chaps my backside and it is kind of a two for one deal.  Have you ever looked at a website of hand made goodies and noticed that there isn't any consistency between the items or a few different watermarks, none of which belong to the boutique named in the website?


Not every Tammy, Dina or Heather can pick up some ribbon and turn it into the gorgeous creations that these women are able to obtain.  Not every boutique website, facebook, etsy, or ebay is producing handmade, couture goods that would qualify them as such.  Because people are jaded, confused or delusional they slap up a page throw some ribbon together and call it quality handmade goods or they don't even put that much effort into it and buy them from China and label them the same.  These types of items aren't going to create the same "ah-factor" that the awesome creations will so instead of taking the time, putting in the money and sweat equity to perfect a very difficult craft, many people just right click and viola they have the same level of products as the best in the business. Um -NO!

Just some food for thought, if your favorite boutique is going to rip off the intellectual property of another artisan, then what is to stop them from ripping you off.  (ANSWER:  There isn't).

The reason I am speaking (writing) out is because it is like a plague these days.  Daily there are half-hearted pages going up with less than quality products or those using others work to display items that I can almost guarantee aren't going to arrive even resembling the pictures used.  It is scary buying online, especially from a vendor that you have never used before.  You have to do your research, heck, even ask for references.  If something looks fishy it probably is.  There are some things that you should remember and look for.

  • Remember quality isn't cheap so if you see a "gorgeous" bow that most sell for $15.00 priced at $5.00 or a tutu for $10.00 there is probably something wrong with it. 
  • All ribbon, tulle, fabric and bows are NOT created equal.  Shoddy raw materials create shoddy finished products.
  • Quality, hand made bows are heat sealed and stiffened for durability. 
  • Bows are like a finger print.  We can all fold and sew a bow the exact same way and it will not look the same.   
This industry is super saturated, but there is a great deal of it that is less than quality and highly unethical.  If you want to get your money's worth and put quality products on your royal little one, do your research. Okay, vent over :)  

Join us next time for more fabulous creations from honest, talented artisans that any little angel would be lucky to be dressed in.